Frozen Pet Food

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Feeding dogs naturally just as nature intended 

Raw meat for pets

Wellington 100% natural minces

We have sold raw food for over forty years real food free from colours flavours and derivatives. 

Biologically appropriate raw foods (barf) for pets since 1973

Our natural dog food is made with human grade meat. 

Have you thought about a raw diet for your pet? Perhaps your cat or dog is suffering from digestive or skin problems? We have every confidence that our Wellington raw natural diet will suit your pet. 

Why feed raw?
It's naturally nourishing and easy to digest


  • Really good quality meats and bones
  • A variety of simple fruits and vegetables
  • Occasionally including a single source of non-starchy wholegrain
  • Make up the meals yourself
  • Or, feed your pet our ready-made complete and balanced raw meals
  • Simple, safe and convenient
Dog treats
For more information on our frozen pet food or raw feeding speak to our experts today.
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Dog treats for sale


Wellington Pet Ltd have specialised in frozen raw food for 40 years, our cold room is packed with a variety of meats to provide your pet with a natural alternative to dry foods. 

Based in Dartington we are within easy reach of the surrounding area including Exeter, Plymouth and the Devon area.

Our products include dog food, cat food, bird food, small animal food, accessories, treats frozen tripe and pet beds.

For a free quote or for any enquiries please contact us today.
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